1.6 dci P0488; P0101 - EGR or MAF problem?

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Qashqai 2012 1.6 Dci high mileage (over 200k), first realised there is a problem when car started stuttering slightly on the motorway. Eventually it stalled while driving off in a car park. Error P0488 EGR - throttle position control - range/performance problem. After few tries I managed to turn it on and drove back home. I cleaned existing EGR valve - did not help. I replaced the EGR. Car stuttered again slightly until check engine light appeared with P0101 - MAF/VAF sensor - range/performance problem. No EGR codes anymore, only MAF. What's interesting is that car runs smoothly now with the check engine light on, but cruise control/gear indicator is disabled. I tried to delete the code, but it comes back every time I turn the car on.

I'd be grateful if somebody could help me solve this issue - is MAF worth replacing? or is MAF code reactive to something else?
It seems like EGR works just fine after replacement.

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