Aftermarket roof rails

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Ok, so I opted for some aftermarket roof rails that dont need the roof lining dropping, bought from fleabay from a UK dealer. All very helpful with my purchase untill the items arrived and found one part damaged :o

Going through the process of either sending back or having a partial refund :roll:

Ive had a look at how they actually fit to the car and it seems straight forward.

Sorry, no pictures

Take gutter strips off

Slide fixing brackets over gutter strip fixing points front and back, tighten 3 bolts

Join rest of the parts together and with rubber seal, fit over bolts on fixing brkts, tighten nuts

Cut gutter strip to fit back in place between rail ends and clip covers in place

They have an 80kg load capacity which is adequate for me with intermittent use

The only little niggle is how the rubber seal will look after everything is fitted. I will have to see if I can "modify" the gutter strip to fit the whole thing back and not fit the rubber seals.

Has anyone done anything similar with fitting these type of rails ?

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