2022 Qashqai Tekna +, Long term battery and related issues

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Hi peeps, I have mentioned the issue on the newbies section. Short story is that I am into week 7 of something that began with a flat battery and the alarm going off for that nicely rounded off ten minutes (when there is an unexpected battery energy loss). Since then I needed to call out the RAC a total of five times, with the same problem. (Before and after the fifth RAC callout) My Nissan dealer has done their best to fix the issue, including getting Nissan Technical involved, and they have provided us with a courtesy car.
The car has had a new controller for where it sends the generated electricity to the 12v or the hybrid battery, that didn't work. It then had a new battery, that didn't solve the issue either. After that I had the car for two whole days, on the third I went to start it and it wasn't having any of it
It has more recently had a software update for the 'body control.' This didn't work either. It has been tested, and tested, and tested, and tested... I am, have been for a while now, very disenchanted with what I thought was the best car I have ever had, for equipment and reliability, as well as a damn good fuel economy. Admittedly the best results were obtained whilst being behind traffic so slow I thought there must be someone with a flag walking ahead of the vehicle at the front. Best results in order obtained are over 50 mpg, 60 mpg and 70 mpg.
So, I have been really pleased with our car. Bought in September '22 and perfectly fine until this issue with electrics. Nissan are puzzled, as am I. It is also one of the cars affected by the recall for the steering wheel (where despite having hands on the wheel when the cruise control is set, the dash warnings scream at you to put your hands on the wheel). Also for the issue with the electric mirrors, where sometimes they do not want to work. Ours seems to be the drivers side only and it hasn't done it for a while now, but then, it hasn't had the chance.
I have lost all confidence in the car, I cannot trust it, won't trust it when/if I get it back. One fo the RAC guys that came around asked if I could let him know the 'fix' for the issue. I don't know when I will be able to tell him, and if I do, will the car let me down again after that?
So far, this is my update, extremely fed up with Nissan (HQ not the dealer).
Surely, with a large network of dealers and being a worldwide dealer of popular cars, they can come up with a solution much quicker than this? :x :roll:
Pic below- The Control Box that was replaced.

The Control Box that was replaced -1 30pc size.jpg

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Hi, I am sorry to hear about your car. I have the same car and model from March 2022 and already changed 3 batteries. The last battery died after 2 months. The other day they decided to reinstall the software in the control box, as per the recommendation of Nissan (they had an internal memo).
I am curious if changing the control box fixed the problem or not. Please let me know when you have the time.

Thank you

All the best
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Qashqai Model: Mk.3 Qashqai - J12 (2021+) New Model

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Just for information, what is your average daily mileage?
I have a personal theory about cars that do less than 30 miles/ day.
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