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Rate your dealership

Posted: Fri Jan 14, 2022 2:15 pm
by Exskoda
How would you rate your dealership experience. :D or :evil:

So from first contact to delivery?

If you had another brand of vehicle before how did Nissan compare to that brands service?

Would you use same dealer again?

Re: Rate your dealership

Posted: Fri Jan 14, 2022 2:52 pm
by Squashy2
Western Nissan Stirling
Western Nissan Perth

Car originally purchased (used) from the Perth branch, unfortunately that has now closed and I now use their Stirling branch.

Originally there were a few hiccups during and after purchase, bear in mind we were still under quite a few Covid restrictions so normal customer to Dealership was under unusual constraints.
Both Mrs Qashqai and I have nothing but praise for the Dealership.
Unfortunately since our purchase we have had numerous faults (not exactly their fault, Nissan should build better cars) with the car, but I'm glad to say that on all occasions the service/warranty departments have shown excellent customer satisfaction and have gone above and beyond to keep us mobile and rectify the issues, they also went out of their way to help greatly when a certain UK National tyre fitting company completely ruined all four Alloy Wheels to which I'm glad to be now be driving on four brand new wheels with the help of Western.
The service that they have shown is the highest that I have ever had from a manufacturers Dealership, they look after you from first entering the showroom, Covid measures in place, lots and lots of lovely hot beverages, their showroom cleaning lady is definitely the busiest person I've witnessed in years, she never stops!!!
The car is returned to the parking bay both cleaned inside (and sanitised) and washed externally along with the print out of the Health check (video awaiting me via email when I return home) and a follow up phone call the next day.
I must state, I have no affiliation with the Dealership, they just are this good.
Highly recommended 10/10