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nav/radio fitting to a QQ with just the radio.

Posted: Fri May 21, 2021 6:40 pm
by Squashy2
This question is for the electrical wizards on the Forum.
Can a head unit with the integrated sat-nav be retro fitted into a QQ with just the radio?
Are all QQ's fitted with the wiring loom and associated fittings to allow an upgrade from the 2018 Acenta radio to the next trim level with the sat-nav? I'm not interested in the cameras, unless they too will work if I replace the boot trim for one with a rear camera (if the loom is there?) I've not had any panels off to check.
I only ask as I have the chance of a free head unit from a 2019 Tekna with I believe 360° camera, camera isn't a deal breaker but if I can have the sat-nav that would be a bonus. I'm leaning towards that it cannot be retro fitted but I'll put the question out.