Washers not fully working - wiper cowl removal

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Post by pete_81 » Wed Jan 19, 2022 12:50 pm

Hi all, first post here.
I've an issue with my front washers - driver flow is pitiful. I've browsed viewtopic.php?t=8899 and suspect it's the splitter that is causing my issue.
So, front passenger side sprayer works fine, but driver side is just dribbling out (just about reaching the bottom of the window, but useless at the moment when driving). So, what have I done to investigate/fix the issue myself?! I've disconnected the water pipe at the side of the bonnet, confirmed a good flow of water to it (it'll shoot water across drive with ease!), and the driver spray unit, which appears to work fine under a bit of pressure (when spraying water through it with syringe).
With the sprayer unit disconnected, there isn't much flow through the driver pipe, but passenger side still sprays sufficiently.
I've had a quick look online, and seen various bits about removing the wiper cowl and suspect that's where I need to go next - is this an easy task? I'm not a mechanic, but happy to give any DIY a go.
Guessing the issue is going to be with the splitter and a blockage in it - where is this located?
Any tips on removing the cowl before I just have a go myself?

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