Nissan Qashqai J11 Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR)

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Post by mark1984 » Sun Oct 03, 2021 3:50 pm

Hi all,

After replacing the head unit in my 2017 Qashqai J11a I've noticed that the TSR starts as '---' (3 dashes) then it picks up the speed when it sees a sign, but then if it hasn't seen a sign for a few minutes it'll return back to the '---' dashes until it next see a sign, then repeats.
I would have thought it would retain the last sign it saw until it sees the next. I believe it uses the TSR as well as the sat nav data, but with the change in head unit its now lost the signal from the sat nav.

Does anyone know if there's a way to get it to just rely on the TSR and retain the last seen sign?



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