Buy spare wheel, or spacesaver?

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Post by Suescar »

I have a beautiful Qashqai Tekna +, with a big Bose speaker where the spare wheel should be! It’s a 2018 plate.
Ive never had a car without a spare wheel before, so please help.
Do I buy a spare alloy wheel full size 19 “ , or do I buy a space saver kit with jack etc?
How long can you run on a space saver?
Planning a trip to Scotland in September, don’t want to do it without a spare . Would I be able to continue my holiday on a space saver?

Thanks for reading.

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Qashqai Model: Mk.2 Qashqai Facelift - J11b (2017–2021)

Post by Cod »

If you're looking at a full sized wheel i'd say take one off a stick it in the boot to check your happy with the loss of space. You will lose the lower boot area and the carpet bit will flap about unless you pad out the sides.

If you go for a space saver you'll need the 17" one that was sold for the X-trail (155/90/17) as the Bose sub doesn't fit inside the 16" one. Think they say up to 300 miles and max 50mph on the space saver.
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Post by Mark65 »

I bought my spacesaver kit with jack separetly bit by bit on ebay a lot cheaper than what Nissan wanted, plus I have the sticky string kit as I have on my motorcycle.
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