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Hey all, hope you're all doing well?

I'm in my forties, I've had some experience on the modified car scene before (in my youth) but I've toned it down a lot since those days.

Year ago I was in the PSOC and regularly took my 306 GTi-6 to UK shows, I was a bit of a regular actually and had a fair few body mods. Then a decade later I imported a Ford Focus Zetec-S, which is a touchy subject thanks to a recall and dealership messing it up.

I'm an Englishman, but I've been living in Southern Ireland for these past 16 years..

I'm currently driving a '17 1.5 DCi QQ however, I have a plan for the future.. Hopefully with all you bright guys'n'dolls and all of the experience and knowledge that you have, you'll be able to point me in the right direction to achieve my goal?!

In terms of my goal, I'll start a thread for that, over viewtopic.php?f=22&t=14865

Thanks everybody :D

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