Heater vents not working

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Sherbie 58
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Hi guys and gals just bought a 2015 quashqui and when I put the heater blower on full nothing comes out of the air vents, I can hear the fan on full ,I've selected the button for blowing air straight at the driver but nothing is coming out of the vent. I think it is a faulty actuator not opening properly is this a common fault ?

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Qashqai Model: Mk.2 Qashqai - J11 (2013–2017)

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Is air coming out of any of the air vents or just not on certain ones?

There have been reports of faulty actuators but it could also be a disconnection on the tubing somewhere.
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I have a 2016 QQ and getting no or very little air out of the vents (can hear the fan running) where is the access to the tubing?
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Its near the pollen filter. Just pop the glovebox out
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