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Hi I'm new to this forum so please excuse any lapses in etiquette. My friend has a 2010 2.0 dCi and was driving to Belgium last week from central France, and described to me the following problem:
After about 500 km of constant driving the car seems to shudder (dashboard) and it becomes difficult to get the engine to turn properly above 100 km/h
Difficult to make it rev up in gear 5 and 6
Around 140 Km/h it improves !!??
Up to 70km/h everything runs smoothly

The same thing happened on her return journey. Nissan diagnostics showed up nothing irregular. Does anyone have an idea what the problem might be, and even better, know how to fix it? I realise that the age of her Qashqai is normally outside the speciality of this forum but keeping my fingers crossed that someone can answer my question.

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