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I have a Qashqai Acenta 1.5 DCI 2018 with the basic radio which I want to upgrade to model with Sat Nav ( I bought already a 2016-2021SAT NAV NAVIGATION STEREO RADIO HEAD UNIT 259157FW0B)
Do I need to buy a GPS antenna if yes what model. THX

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Think you will find its not that easy just to swap over as wires will be diffrent as i think your current unit installed won't have camera views etc. Yes you would need to add gps and you would need to get your new unit unlocked to your car aswell as its not gonna be plug and play.
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Qashqai Model: Mk.2 Qashqai - J11 (2013–2017)

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non credo che funziona, poichè hanno sucuramente il cablaggio diverso, ma cosa più importante ce il numero di telaio registrato dentro non credo funzionerà. io ti consiglio questo, molte più funzioni e più performante.
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Qashqai Model: Mk.2 Qashqai - J11 (2013–2017)

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Does anyone have a diagram of the connection cubes for the original Qashqai J11 radio, 2014?
I need to connect a converter to a subwoofer and I'm not sure about the colors of the cables on the diagrams I found on the Internet :)

Thanx for help ;)
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