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Post by lj2606 » Fri Aug 05, 2022 9:10 am

Has anyone experienced a P0016 error code on their Qashqai?

I had it scanned at Nissan and it threw up a lot of codes. I have worked through the list changing glow plugs, its had a full service and yesterday it went in for a Timing Chain change as the P0016 said correlation issue. I had tried crank and cam sensors before doing the chain but the error is still there.

The only error codes on the car now are the P0016 - Camshaft engine speed sensor consistency, P1525 I think this is the cruise control which wont work with other errors on the car & P0530 - Air con sensor

Does anyone have any clue on what else could cause the P0016 error? The thing is driving me mad.

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