JJ10 +2 Petrol 2009 - Ignition hiccup - Bouncing RPMs

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Post by ACassidy » Mon Sep 27, 2021 10:16 am


JJ10 Qashqai +2 2009 Petrol 280kms (live in Finland :)

Problem with Ignition since weather has gotten a little colder. RPMs bounce on first start up of the day - bouncing between 800-1200, up and down, 3-4 seconds then settles 1100 perfect - car drives fine all day until it sits overnight again.
There is also a slight dip at idle during the day (red lights etc) 500RPMs, should be 600-700 RPMs.
Anyway, It all started end of Winter this year (March/April) very very slight RPM bounce. Didn't think nothing of it, thought it was Battery. Car was then totally fine all summer/early autumn. Perfect start and running.
Now its starting to show again and getting worse. So decided to needs sorting..

Battery and Spark plugs, Nope.
Then Mechanic found split in Air Hose at clamp - woo hoo - air leak, Replaced. Didn't fix the problem, damn.
Replace fuel pump (with connected filter). Nope, but car running way better - so was probably going. Starting issue remains.
Cleaned MAF sensor, worked well for a week, replaced the MAF with another working one, fine for a few days problem back again :( Could be the wiring?..
Before I replace everything, Where should I first look. Vacuum Leak, fuel pressure, alternator?..

Would like to fix to sell, don't need such a big car with kids now out of the house, I don't want to sell a bad car if the fix is obvious and I can get some of money back.

Hoping someone here had this problem and found a fix.
Fingers crossed. Cheers folks.

P.s - tried to upload videos but only have MP4 versions.

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