Stop/start or DPF fault

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Post by Cheesyb » Sun Sep 12, 2021 1:42 pm

I'm hoping someone can help.
I have a Qashqai 1.6 DCI and on the dashboard I'm seeing stop start fault and the engine light. Cruise control and speed limiter no longer work. There is also a dip in power around 2000 RPM. Other than that it drives ok.
These are the fault codes from my local garage.

P2002 - diesel particulate filter below efficiency threshold
P1525 - ASCD function
1130H/4400 - refer to OEM manual
P253F - engine oil deteriorated

Oil had been changed with no effect.

Regen failed and they believe a new DPF is required and will cost big money.
I need a second opinion and my own research suggest possibly a fault with the EGR or DPF pressure sensor.
Any help or insight would be great thanks

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Qashqai Model: Mk.1 Qashqai Facelift - J10b (2010–2013)

Post by MrSweetE90 » Tue Sep 14, 2021 9:55 am

See if you have gasses passing through this mate

Won't cost anything and shouldn't take long. I'm having a similar issue but the cars juddering and ABS light flashing on top of other errors so I think kine "may" be an ABS sensor. It's seems a so much harder to diagnose a Nissan than a BMW lol. Literally a £20 K+DCAN cable and you can have dealership diagnostic software, coding and firmware upgrading haha.

If DPF is in fact blocked mate, on the BMW forums you could do try a forced regen which to forum members basically meant driving, clearing the fault codes and then requesting a regen straight away. This was of course assuming the preliminary components for a regen where working (thermostats, glow plugs)

But again, I don't think you can do any of that on a Nissan without some expensive diagnostic equipment it's mad.

Another route, assuming your DPF is blocked is to have it professionally cleaned like:
2012 Qashqai 1.6 DCI TEKNA Plus

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