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Post by kjb » Sun Aug 08, 2021 6:08 pm

We have a 2018 Qashqai canadian version with the same radiator fan problem, bearings. 60,000 kilometers and the bearings were completely gone. We were told by nissan that there are no replacements to be found so I bought a hayden aftermarket fan and mounted it in the factory shroud and it works fine. Now the problem since I did this the a/c heater fan does not work. After much discussion with nissan mechanics they say that the new rad fan is not sending the right signal to the computer to let the heater fan work ??? Any Ideas ? Winter is coming and i will need the defroster to work. Thanks

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Post by DaveBerlin » Mon Aug 09, 2021 6:07 am

Kjb, Welcome to the Forum. I am assuming as you mention Canadian QQ that you do not live in the EU. Normally also the Canadian QQ‘s have the larger 2,0L engine. Anyway you could try Carid US or just search the web as there seems to be a variety of Dealers offering this part or even Scrap Yards.
If not already done it might be worth getting a Nissan Spec No. from your Dealer.
Here are a couple of attachments - Best of Luck Dave 😉

2018 Nissan Qashqai Replacement Radiator Fans — CARiD.com : https://www.carid.com/2018-nissan-qashq ... ator-fans/

Radiator fan NISSAN QASHQAI II SUV (J11, J11_) 1.2 DIG-T 214814EA0A | FS2078 | B-Parts : https://www.b-parts.com/en/store/produc ... 2078-2013/
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Post by calnorth » Mon Aug 09, 2021 9:15 am

The ECU in combination with the AC/Heater unit (AC Amp electronic module) controls the engine radiator and heater blower fans via certain sensors (many). Its difficult therefore to determine the exact problem without Nissan test equipment. However, there is one fact from Nissan diagnostics:

"If the engine coolant temperature is 56°C (133°F) or less, to prevent a cold discharged air flow, A/C auto amp. suspends blower motor
activation for the maximum 150 seconds depending on target air mix door opening angle. After this, voltage of blower motor is increased
gradually, and blower motor is activated".

So, is the engine coolant temperature too low for some reason?

I cannot see a Radiator fan signal arising from that fan unit itself. However, there is such a signal to the ECU from the AC Amp above. AC Amp also receives an engine coolant temperature signal and does directly control the AC blower fan.

Its a bit complicated...unfortunately.
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Post by gloucester » Mon Aug 09, 2021 2:19 pm

Welcome to this forum.

Everything tends to be complicated with these cars - so much interactivity between systems.
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