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Hello one and all well had and issue with my st qq boot space as it it has a step up in it. This appears to be not the case with the the st+ or ti models believe they are Tenka or such in the UK. After checking out the the difference to upgrade to the level one price was crazy and so it begins my second project on this vehicle. Take one roll of near colour carpet foam backed, plastic corrugated cardboard, one handy man mdf sheet 1.2mtrs x 90cm x 9mm from the local hardware store and some polystyrene to use as spacers.
Then I made up a paper template of the boot space I included the side cubby spaces in this also as to help with noise reduction. this was transferred to the plastic cardboard and cut out trail fitted until happy with it had. Also had to add a couple of small pieces to this to cover the side cubby spaces as it was wider than the sheet was.
Next the 9mm mdf sheet was cut to the shape of the boot but not the small cubby spaces, like the shape of the carpet covering the spare wheel. Next finding what the thickness needed to be to make it level with the boot and the folded down rear seats in my case a further 9mm. So a strip of left over 9mm was cut and glued to the new 9mm floor. This was then fitted and trimmed to fit then the cardboard was glued to the 9mm mdf board and the small wings to cover the cubby holes glued and pegged in place leaving that to dry cutting out the spacing blocks was next.
This involved making 5 pieces to support the new floor one across the back the two sides and two others, these ran front to rear over the spare wheel tyre. These proved to be a challenge as they are not only tapered but have recesses etc to cut out of them. With these cut and in place time to trail fit the floor and see what needed to be trimmed if anything.
With that all sorted next gluing the carpet to the cardboard but first the cardboard needs to be cut to allow the cubby hole covers to be folded down to allow for remove of the new floor. This involves cutting only the top surface and any supporting ribs to allow the cardboard to bend with that the carpet can be glued to the card board and trimmed to suit I left some 25mm over so that it could be folded over the edges giving a clean tidy look. The last part was removing the nylon loop from the old carpet and placing it in the new floor a bit fiddly then drilling a hole in the new floor and gluing it in place.
With the supports in place a trail fit and adjustments made locating the two centre supports and gluing them in place so they come with the floor when it is needed to be removed.

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