Stop/Start Mechanism initiating in middle of driving and causing a System Fault

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Post by calnorth » Sat Sep 11, 2021 11:11 am wrote:
Sat Sep 11, 2021 9:55 am
Quick update: The Consult Tool gave us again the indication that soemthing is faulty with the accelerator pedal. This is the fault which was already invetigated 3 times around and once a sensor was switched by Nissan and the ECU was reste and just 3 months ago we changed the whole pedal to a brand new one - but the problem keeps popping up.

So the mechanic called an expeienced electrician, who stated that in his view it has nothing to do with the actual accelerator pedal, but he thinks there must be an electrical short soemwhere in the wiring causing the ECU to switch into 'limp-mode'. He stated that best to go to the main fuse box inside the engine compartment and starting to check fuses and wiring for soem sort of a short, causing the car to go into a Start/Stop Sytem fault. We shall also focus as suggested on the exhaust related sensors, combined with Start/Stop sensors and anything coming from the accelerator pedal....

The car needs ot go in for 2 days so the mechnic has enough time to trace and try and hopefully we shall find the cul[prit soemwhere. Will keep everyone updated.
Cabling/Harness is often listed in Nissan diagnostics for testing. I don't relish such a job..... :)
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