J10 1.6d R9M Timing Cover and Sump

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Post by MrSweetE90 » Wed Jan 12, 2022 1:37 am

Hi Peeps,

After an MOT and Service an oil leak was picked up and it appears to be seeping from the sump and somewhere in the upper region of the front cover.

The sump appears to be straight forward but the front cover looks like it's going to be a nightmare!

So this is what the front cover and sump looked like:

After cleaning with a whole kitchen towel and cotton buds it came up quite nice:

Unfortunately it's coated again in oil after a few thousand miles so it's something I have to deal with.

Am I right in thinking there's no reasonable shortcuts such as applying gasket sealant over the timing cover area which is leaking or is this going to be complete cover removal and gasket sealant replacement. While I've not done this before it appears that the few inches of space between the front of the engine and inner arch is going to make what is a relatively simple job much more difficult.

I have the service manual to hand for the R9M and this appears to be the specification for the gasket sealant and torque specs along with the tightening sequence.



If anyone has some thoughts or tips it would be appreciated.

From the information above and from my past experience I believe this job would require a

Crankshaft pulley seal replacement

Crankshaft pulley bolt replacement

Front cover gasket sealant applied with:
1 lower side: 5.0 9.0 mm (0.098 - 0.177 in) in diameter

2 upper side: 4.0 8.0 mm (0.118- 0.276 in) in diameter

3 center: 1.5 3.5 mm (0.394 - 0.591 in) long

What does the above even mean, "lower side 5.0 9.0 mm" what? Is this width and thickness or what exactly?..

Then when installing you pre tighten the bolts first to 5nm in the sequence illustrated and then finally tighten to 15nm again in sequence.

Tighten crankshaft pulley bolt to 50nm and then angle torque to 150 degrees.
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