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Post by enki » Thu Apr 01, 2021 11:48 pm


I was changing engine oil and noticed the following:
1. Leak in area next to radiator (side where screenwash is) - I am wondering what this may be as I don't see any coolant vanishing from tank hence I am not sure what may be the cause of "wet" area there.
2. There is a small rubber pipe that dangles under the engine, I followed it and seems not to be connected to anything? Could somebody please help me to identify what this supposed to be?





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Post by lewisbryant » Fri Apr 02, 2021 7:03 am

That pipe is supposed to be clipped in to the lower part of the injector covers (injector box) if you have a diesel leak within the injector box it will be directed to the pipe and it will allow the fuel to be deposited on the floor rather than all over the engine. If you didnt have this when a leak does appear the diesel gets everywhere and could even get on to the clutch and contaminate it and cause the clutch to slip.

The leak at the front of the sub frame looks like it's coming from the inter cooler if you look through the front of the bumper the inter cooler is there or look from above you should see the hoses going into it, you possibly have a leak at one of the pipe joints. A picture showing the back of the inter cooler would be helpful to decide this.

Theres a bit of damping inbetween the engine and gearbox that's not a big concern just something I'd monitor personally worth noting as I can tell by that sub frame this is a j10 if its fitted with a dpf then this engine will carry out dpf regenerations if it doesnt have the fifth injector then it will you post injection to introduce diesel into the cylinder on exhaust strokes to get diesel into the exhaust to heat the dpf up by use of the oxidizing catalyst, some of this diesel does get past the rings and into the oil diluting it and causing oil level to rise ever so slowly. If the level gets higher and higher and above the max limit then extra pressure in the crankcase will occur and push some oil out of seals and this could by why there is damping there, or the rear crank seal is just slightly leaking. I wouldnt worry about it too much though. The intercooler one looks like a leak though that's wet

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Qashqai Model: Mk.1 Qashqai Facelift - J10b (2010–2013)

Post by enki » Fri Apr 02, 2021 9:35 pm

1. Maybe it is rookie question (I am visiting garage soon) but my understanding is that if there is an oil in intercooler that would indicate issue with turbocharger.
2. I am looking at this diagram and my brain is failing to understand 18 - air inlet and 16 air inlet - if you follow both seem to go to intercooler - my understanding is that turbocharger should have intake form engine then to exhaust on one side - then intake form air outside going to engine? Why there is a sort of loop here? Is 16 more like inlet to engine and 18 outlet from turbo?


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