Oil coming from air intake pipe

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Oil coming from air intake pipe

Post by kieferschild » Sun May 30, 2021 11:13 pm

Hi guys

I’ve got a 61 plate QQ and have recently discovered (for myself) that there’s a bit of oil coming from the air intake pipe where the hard plastic thing meets the actual pipe (top end of turbo hose???) - this was pointed out on the service back in Dec but never paid notice as a) isn’t affecting drive b) I’m anything but a mechanic.

Anyway, since seeing it for myself I’m not a little panicky. I wiped it off and after a long journey found more had come through.

Backstory is that a year or so ago this hard plastic turbo intake thing broke in two and I got someone I knew to replace it. I called this same someone and he seems to suggest the turbo could be on its way out. But, after throwing this up on Reddit, they suggested it could just need resealing as having a little oil in this part is normal.

I guess I’m looking for thoughts/input of any mechs here as to whether or not you think this is a problem caused by the replacement of this part and that proper sealant wasn’t applied or do you think it’s a new turbo? I was just about to send this car for it’s timing belt to be replaced and if I have to pay for a new turbo as well… I have to consider if this car is worth it.

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