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by Squashy2
Tue Nov 30, 2021 5:12 pm
Forum: Electronic systems
Topic: Electronic handbrake/hold assist.
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Electronic handbrake/hold assist.

Another Nissan Gremlin appeared today, whilst driving I noticed a warning icon appear on the dash, well the handbrake light actually. Pulled over when it was safe too. Turned off the ignition and the red electronic handbrake light (on the lever) was flashing, also the brake assist light would not li...
by Squashy2
Fri Nov 26, 2021 12:48 pm
Forum: General
Topic: Key fob issues
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Re: Key fob issues

Personally I would contact the Dealership. I've found that they do try to resolve customer satisfaction regardless of new or used car purchase. Only costs a phone call after all. Did you get the free 12 month extended Nissan warranty with your purchase? We did, and although we have been very unlucky...
by Squashy2
Fri Nov 26, 2021 12:40 pm
Forum: General / Ordering Forum
Topic: How to drive downhill?
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Re: How to drive downhill?

For me , regardless of transmission - I would use the brakes every time. The reason being its quicker , easier and cheaper to replace brakes , rather than a manual ( IE clutch etc ) or auto transmission Exactly, as my late Grandfather used to tell me, brake discs/pads are considerably cheaper to re...
by Squashy2
Thu Nov 18, 2021 4:54 pm
Forum: Introductions
Topic: Passenger door lock won’t open from outside!
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Re: Passenger door lock won’t open from outside!

Just bringing this thread back to life, it appears that we are experiencing similar problems with the front passenger door. Intermittently will not open using the exterior handle but opens ok with the interior handle. If I use the selective lock option, first press of unlock button on the fob and t...
by Squashy2
Tue Nov 09, 2021 9:50 am
Forum: Electronic systems
Topic: Bobbing Power flutter
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Re: Bobbing Power flutter

OP, we had similar issues with our QQ, 2018 Acenta 18500 miles when the problems started, loss of power, occasionally stalling at junctions, fluctuations in headlights, fan speed on the climate control and visible fluctuations with the needle on the rev counter. Several visits to the dealership and ...
by Squashy2
Sun Nov 07, 2021 8:22 pm
Forum: Main QashQai Discussion
Topic: Low beam issues on 2020 Nissan Qashqai 1.3 digt 140
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Re: Low beam issues on 2020 Nissan Qashqai 1.3 digt 140

Our 2018 Acenta with boggo dipped bulbs was appalling at night time, after doing a wee bit of reading on changing/upgrading the bulbs I went with the Osram Night Breaker 150%. Tbh after I swapped them over, which compared to changing bulbs in our old J10 these are a refreshing breeze to do, both the...
by Squashy2
Fri Nov 05, 2021 5:47 pm
Forum: Website Issues
Topic: Error message
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Re: Error message

Just recently I have been having issues with the Forum. 95% of the time I receive a privacy error message 'Your connection is not private '
Only happens when I try to open the QQ Forum?
Any ideas anyone?
by Squashy2
Fri Nov 05, 2021 5:24 pm
Forum: Electronic systems
Topic: Varta battery issues
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Re: Varta battery issues

I had exactly the same situation about 3 months back, same symptoms, and a Varta battery. Our dealer immediately diagnosed a low voltage issue though, and the battery was replaced and everything has been fine since. The battery replacement was for pre-2018 models I think, which had a known load of ...
by Squashy2
Thu Nov 04, 2021 11:20 am
Forum: Electronic systems
Topic: Varta battery issues
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Varta battery issues

Hi guy's, As the tittle suggests I'm having issues with the battery. Since purchasing the car in March of this year have had intermittent electrical issues, stalling/cutting out, headlights dimming then returning to normal in a constant rhythm and the same with the climate control fan speed, a rhyth...
by Squashy2
Thu Oct 28, 2021 9:05 am
Forum: Electronic systems
Topic: Parking sensors
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Re: Parking sensors

Buffy wrote:
Thu Oct 28, 2021 8:38 am
take it back its got a 3 yr warranty
I second what Buffy has said, it's under warranty so the Dealership is obligated to diagnose the fault and rectify the issues.