Replacing full headlight unit.

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Got a used headlight however I am unable to get one connection out...see pic attached.


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Mine's at the dealer's at the moment so I can't look, but usually there's a tab that needs to be either squeezed or lifted (often a flat bladed screwdriver helps), or ears that need to be squeezed together. It's meant to be waterproof so it's putting up a fight!

The service manual doesn't say anything about any special procedure to remove the connections in its headlamp removal guide.


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Hi mate
I have face-lift model and want to fit drl lights which have indicator lights and drl lights but not sure where to connect on my car?

Can you kindly advise please?

Kind Regards
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Gazza61 - please don't scatterbomb the forum with multiple similar questions in different places. Why not start a specific topic and describe precisely what you're trying to do


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Most modern cars are not user friendly when it comes to changing from one spec to another - IE infotainment systems etc

I would live with what I had and get what I needed on the next car