Duster beats Qashqai!

Reviews / Comments about the 2014 QashQai
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https://www.autoexpress.co.uk/nissan/qa ... est-review

They've tested a new Dacia Duster TCe 130 4x2 Comfort (£16,845 + paint + spare) against a two-year old Nissan Qashqai 1.3 DiG-T 140 N-Connecta costing slightly more (around £18k - on 15k).


First place: Dacia Duster

This is a very close result, but the Dacia is our choice right now. High used-car prices plus great PCP deals on the Duster mean that it’s better value, and it comes with everything you need in terms of kit. It’s really roomy inside, has a much bigger boot than the Nissan’s, plus better infotainment tech, and the engine, although less powerful, feels just as punchy and relaxing to use.

Second place: Nissan Qashqai

The Qashqai is better to drive than the Duster – quieter, more comfortable and secure – and the cabin feels plusher. But it’s not as practical and its infotainment is clunky. You don’t get the peace of mind that comes with a new car, plus high used-car prices mean that right now, it isn’t the best value. Poorer fuel economy and higher running costs mean it must settle for second.
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Indeed Dacia (and even more so ... Skoda) are unbelievably popular for people who like a good car at a bargain price !
Moreover both Skoda and Dacia are reliable cars.
But the Nissan QQ is also affordable and I, personally, vastly preferred the looks of the new J12/2021-22 QQ !
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According to the almighty Google the QQ J11 has a 430 litre boot and the Duster (2022 version) has a 455 litre boot.
Doesn’t seem like a much bigger boot to me personally.
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How can it beat QQ with that exterior! I think J11 much better than Duster 2022. But J12 is so weird
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They gave the J12 three out of five stars recently.
When you strip them down, they Dacia and Qashqai are both Renault based.
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