Boot closed but car says it’s open

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I have a qashqai 67 plate. I locked the car last night and it was absolutely fine. Went to the car this morning and on the screen on the dashboard, it was showing that the boot was open. Checked the boot and it’s shut properly, but the car still thinks it’s open. Tried opening and closing it numerous times, car still thinks it’s open. Theres nothing blocking it, the car just thinks the boot is open when it is definitely shut. Major problem is, as the car thinks the boot is open, the doors won’t lock with the fob. I’ve managed to lock the car doors with the actual key, but that doesn’t lock the boot. And the lovely Glyn Hopkin want to charge £250 just to tell me what’s wrong…
Does anyone know what it could be or where the sensor is??

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The rear cameras cleaning jet hose has probably popped off and screenwash has got into the latch corroding it and causing a high resistance which then prevents the circuit from working correctly. If this is the case it will need a new boot latch and reconnecting the hose and put a zip tie around the hose to clamp it on to the in line hose connector. Then check the rear camera cleaning jet isn't blocked by operating it

When you use the rear washer to clean the rear windscreen you will sometimes hear an audible hiss from the rear after you stop cleaning the windscreen .. this is the rear camera cleaning jet operating

This is just guess going off what I have come across before with these symptoms

Hope this helps
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I have the same problem, have you managed to get it fixed yet, is so what was the problem.
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