Green Cards no longer required for travel into EU

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I'm so glad to hear that the "Green Card" insurance requirement for UK motorists traveling in the European Union has been lifted. As someone who loves to travel and explore new places, this is fantastic news. No more hassle and extra costs for insurance documents - I'm loving it! Now I can travel from the UK to the EU without worrying about insurance, and I'm sure many others will be relieved too. Plus, with the money saved from not having to purchase Green Cards, maybe I can splurge a little and book some business class flights - it's time to treat myself, right?
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Just goes to show you all of this Brexit will be end of things talk is starting to calm down, it is kind of funny that the newspaper that shared the news was the irishtimes and not the bbc, probably coincidence though lol
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Hey Gel, thanks for sharing this exciting news! The removal of Green Cards for EU travel is a welcome change, making life a bit simpler for all of us on the road. It's a sign of things moving in the right direction for travelers. It's time to pack those bags and explore hassle-free! However, it is better not to visit some countries on this list, as there is high risk due to high crime rates. I hope that helps!
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I'm glad to hear that you found the insights and recommendations helpful! Wow, I really appreciate you telling me about thismini crossword. The elimination of Green Cards for European Union travel is a positive development that will make traveling easier for everyone.
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