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Post by SplanK » Tue Aug 05, 2014 10:41 pm

As of 05 Aug 2014, we have introduced a "template" for using with for sale/wanted threads. This is to ensure that posts are clear with as much information is available in the first post. Any posts found on here without following the below template WILL BE REMOVED WITHOUT NOTICE. We don't have the time to do it for you! Item: Location:Item Condition: Reason for selling: Price and price conditions:Postage/Collection:Extra Info: Pictures: In addition to our forum wide policies and the above template, the following rules have been drafted and will be enforced by moderators and administrators. 1. Please combine multiple for sale posts into one post where possible. Multiple posts will be reviewed by the admin/mod team and deleted or merged without notice.2. You cannot charge VAT on top of an already stated price, charging VAT would imply that you are a business and thread will be removed.3 . Alcohol, tobacco, drugs/pharmaceuticals, or weapon sales/trade are strictly prohibited. Goods that may infringe copyright are also prohibited.4. Most importantly, buyer and seller beware. Qashqai Owners Club and its staff are not responsible for buyer/seller issues.5. One bump a day please.... pick your time wisely.6. Once a sale has been completed it is the sellers duty to post that you have "SOLD" the item in question.7. Any inactive posts older than 3 months will be deleted. It is the posters responsibility to keep the advert alive if still required. Thanks
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